The Cancer Man

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The most sensitive man and the weakest emotional type in all Zodiac. Most artists are Cancer. Cancer is controlled by the “Moon” and the moon change it’s shape daily, so does the Cancer man’s emotional and moods change all the time too. You will be confused with him and yet it is his constantly changes that “charm” you. He never go out to get what he wants directly, but he will wait for a chance and opportunity to do so. Once he gets what he wants, he will not loose it, except if he get tired of it by himself.The most sensitive man who can not stand rejection. He cares what other people feel or think of him. He hates loosing face and he tends to over protective of himself, so sometimes people might think he is a cold person. Gifted, creative, imaginative, is Cancer.

Mystery and complexity play a major role in a life of a Cancer man. He could be very funny, very quiet, suddenly very sad. Living with him could be very unexpected, for you will not know what is his next mood. If you like excitement and surprise, you have the right guy and never have a chance to get bored. He thinks of his home as “nest” and it is the safest place for him. If he feels hurt or depressed he will stay at home alone quietly. Once he feels better, he will come out of his retreat and lives normally again. He is not a loser.It is so easy to fall in love with this guy because he is gentle and a very polite guy. His wit and creative mind could win your affection. He will come out from his nest to protect you even if he is not opening himself up to other people much.

Not many people will win his heart. His security is only when he has money in his pocket. Once he feels secure then he might think of having a happy family. Even he likes to make and keep money, he is not stingy. Spending money is part of his good image, so he will be happy to spent money to take you out to a very expensive restaurant or buy a jewelry for you. Certainly when he has money, it’s fine. He is possessive to everything that he thinks belong to him. Don’t try to talk to another cute guy in front of him, he will get suspicious because he is not very secure or confident in himself for this kind of competition.

Once you know each other too much, he will start to look for new excitement, but not to worry for he will always think of you. If he thinks you are the true love for him, just try to make yourself disappear. You will be sure he will come and look for you. He is a shy guy, but if he likes you. You can get up in the morning and see that he is in front of your house everyday till you go out with him, a very persistent guy. He likes a secure, cheerful and lively woman, confident but at the same time always act proper and appropriate. He likes a secure woman, but able to adjust to his rapid changes. A very difficult type of woman to find indeed.In the beginning, you and him will be so sugary sweet together and he will only think of you.

This so “super romantic” will not last forever, so don’t slip this chance. If you are the one who want his interest, then act and make yourself interesting. Be a supportive person and give him compliment sometimes, but not too much till he thinks you are not sincere. Unlike many other Zodiac, if he is mad then you better get out of that room. He will calm down by himself. Giving him a slight touch on his shoulders or concerned facial expression are enough. He loves his mother, so try to be his mother’s favorite, but do not act like his mother!

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An overview of the elusive Cancer Man.

June 22 ~ July 23

The Cancer Man is a mystery. A man of few words. A man so private that it will take a lifetime to attempt to understand him, and even then, it will be your word against his. It’s a rough shell you will see upon first meeting. A tough and stand-offish exterior is considered to be quite the norm. But dig a little further, and you shall find a man of many moods. Coy, ultra-sensitive and very practical. The Cancer Man will leave you guessing as to which of his personalities will make an entrance on this day. You’ll want to take your time on figuring out the best way to approach this courageous man, for once you have him figured, you’ll truly want to remain close by his side.

The Cancer man studies his options very carefully. He will weigh all sides and find it sensible to rattle off all details of his decision. The Cancer Man is extremely intelligent and security is always his aim. His intuition is keen and his views are always kept objective. It’s your safety he seeks. The Cancer Man is one who will make sure you have everything you need. The retirement fund will be in order, the savings account earning steadily and your home well-insured. After all, your pretty little head shouldn’t have to worry about such mundane matters when his dinner needs to be prepared or his trousers need to be pressed. That’s where you will be treasured most. The Cancer Man is a traditionalist. He will leave the cave with the intent of dragging back a feast. A burly man to be sure, with broad shoulders and arms strong enough to hold you everlastingly protected and sound.

The Cancer Man will dress to impress. Only the most extravagant suits and the finest shoes will line his closet walls. He is one to firmly believe the notion to always dress for the part, for you never know who you will run into. A Cancer Man will also understand how important seizing every opportunity becomes. He acquires wealth fairly easily because money is somewhat tied to his esteem and worth. An attribute that will ultimately hold recognition as well.

The Cancer Man also holds family in the highest regard. An especially close relationship with his mom will prove to be a high standard set in stone that you must try to live up to. An extremely difficult task, to say the least. There’s a wide understanding among many that a way a man treats his mother holds a key into the way he will treat his beloved wife. If that is true, the indication will be, he will treat you with respect, loyalty, and great adoration. It comes with a price though. The Cancer Man will want, rather expect, you to rub his feet after a long hard day of work or massage his strong aching back. You may have to clip is toenails or iron his dress shirts occasionally, and probably at a moments notice. But, please don’t be alarmed, the benefits vastly outweigh whatever inconvenience this poses for you in the moment.

To truly be in love with a Cancer Man is a gift that keeps on giving through all of eternity. It is almost impossible to get him to the alter, though, so be prepared to dive into an all out mission impossible. If you can manage to delve into his inner most thoughts and feelings, you will begin to solve his mystery. He wants so painfully to be loved, but has great difficulty in letting anyone break through that rock solid exterior. His enormous sensitive soul, challenges loving conversation and knowing glances, making them more difficult than need be. Never lose faith, the woman of his dreams will instinctively know when to roll up her sleeves and begin the seemingly impossible task at hand. And, this will be the woman to magically appear in his every dream. Her name will be the first to enter his mind when he awakes and her face will be the last image he holds before he sleeps.

The results of your tenacity, dedication and unwavering persistence? You’ll be surprised endlessly with gifts that are selected with utmost care. He will wine and dine you in the finest bistros and always will manage to grant you with your every wish. He will keep you out of harm’s way. Your worries will be minimal. Your laughter will be genuine. If you are worthy, your heart will be his, simply and forever.

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June 22 TO July 22

Slogan: I Feel, therefore I am.


Fundamentally, The Cancer man is a one-woman man and very romantic but, he is generally unaware of his own attractiveness so it’s advisable to constantly boost his ego.

In his relationships the Cancer man is very private, personal, cosy, loving, gentle, and exceedingly intimate. Once this man has given his heart then his commitment to the relationship tends to be total.

The Cancer man has a deep inner world, a world filled with considerable compassion and understanding. In order to become part of that inner world one has to prove one’s trustworthiness.

Unlike some other signs the Cancer man may well readily accept you into his sphere of life however, should you betray or let him down then he is unlikely to ever completely forget or forgive your actions. A Cancer man tends to hold on to things, feelings, and people.

The Cancer man is a very faithful and giving lover, however at times he can become quite irrational and moody and on these occasions the best course of action is to let him be alone until such mood swings pass.

The Cancer man while generally being a kind man should not be confused as being soft.

The Cancer man inherently knows what will make another person happy so just allow him the time and the space to bestow his gifts to you.

His sense of humour and outlook tends to appeal to women but he will often project acts of sociability to conceal his feelings of insecurity.

The Cancer man can be an excellent and amusing companion but, being somewhat difficult to pin down, and, it can take time to really get to know him.

Most partners find that Cancer men have considerable sex appeal however there are times when he should be left alone especially when he is dealing with problems.

Flattery doesn’t work with the Cancer man unless he detects a genuine intent behind it. He can be deeply hurt, so any form of thoughtless criticism should be restrained.

Cancer men are generally, courteous, kind and considerate. They tend to dress conservatively but hate to stand out in a crowd.  He is highly protective of both himself and his family and, although generally peaceful by nature he possesses powerful emotional drives that can arise where his family becomes threatened.

The Cancer man makes for a gentle, caring, sympathetic and understanding father, projecting exceptional patience, pride and protection toward his children.

Cancer is the sign that is most closely linked with the home and the family and, in particular, it holds a strong association with one’s mother.

By their nature most Cancer’s retain a very powerful link to their past so, if there were profound hurts during their childhood resulting from a mother-child relationship that may not have been particularly close or nurturing, then the Cancer can mature into a somewhat needy individual emotionally.

Alternatively, if their former stages of life are healthy, happy and well founded, then there is every  likelihood that the Cancer boy will mature into an emotionally healthy and stable individual

Once healed from any earlier life unhappy or painful experiences, the Cancer man can become a superb provider of support and emotional strength to all and everyone around him.

The Cancer man is a born collector. He has quite a nostalgic and sentimental personality with a strong memory that never forgets. As example he will retain memories from his distant past; the smell of his mothers favourite perfume or first ball game with his father and; it’s unlikely that he will ever forget a face.

The home is the centre of the Cancer man’s life and his family and children are the very centre of his cares and concerns. When you become a close friend to the Cancer man he will look upon and you and treat you as one of the family.  Alternatively, hurt or offend him and you could be viewed as an enemy.


The Cancer man will tend to hoard and take care with his money. His principal concern centres upon security and, as result he is more than likely to very careful and somewhat tight-fisted when it comes to his financial resources

On a non-monetary plane, the Cancer man will be quite generous; need some clothes, the use of a car, a home to call your own for a while—no problem!.

The Cancer man favours conservative mutual funds or real estate as the most comfortable ways to invest and, while he might live somewhat frugally he can always be counted upon to have a quite nest egg put aside  “just in case.”

The Cancer male has a strong appreciation of beautiful and artistic things and, as result; some highly talented artists, musicians, and other professional people have been born under this Sign.

With a considerable literary ability, Cancer folk often make excellent lawyers, judges, doctors, and entertaining speakers. Some of the finest scholars and, some of the world’s wealthiest men have been born under the sign of Cancer.

Suitable Vocations for Cancer that utilize their teaching and helping qualities:

Hospitality Industry, Education, Protection, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Archaeology, Agricultural, Chef-Catering, Doctor, Dietician, Entertainer, Farming, Market Gardening, Hotel Personnel, Historian, Kindergarten, Lifeguard, Manufacturing, Nursing, Oceanographer, Property Admin, Shop Retailer, Teaching.